8 Totally Achievable Ways to Show Up for Racial Justice… When You’re White and Own an Asian Restaurant!

“Why am I getting called out?” The more you’ve benefitted, the greater your responsibility to show up and acknowledge where on this chart you sit. This chart also reflects how much power you have to make a real impact when you do speak out. And how disappointed AAPI are when you don’t.

Irene Li is the cofounder of Mei Mei Restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts, and manages the Restaurant Resiliency Initiative at CommonWealth Kitchen. She is reviled by a number of Boston’s white male chefs, and ruffles the feathers of a great many more. Despite being an alleged Instagram bully, she actually loves a lot of white-owned Asian restaurants. She thinks you should order from an Asian immigrant-owned restaurant tonight and tip like a millionaire!




I like dumplings and racial equity.

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Irene Li

Irene Li

I like dumplings and racial equity.

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